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About Renewi

Renewi goes for a world where waste does not exist. A world in which we prevent, reuse and recycle waste, so that the raw materials that exist do not become even scarcer. As a leading waste-to-product company, we make an important contribution to the environment. Together with our customers, we give new life to the 14 million tonnes of waste we collect and process from our customers and 2 million households. With our knowledge and the use of the latest technology and innovations, 89% of these streams are already recycled or reused. By providing sustainable solutions to almost every waste issue, we prevent the emission of 3 million tonnes of CO2 every year.

Our core values

Our Renewi core values are the basis for everything we do. We believe that what we do is just as important as how we do it. Our first core value is safety, because nothing is more important than getting our people home safely at the end of the day. Sustainability is also one of our core values, which underpins everything we do. Every day we make a difference to our planet with more than 8,000 colleagues. The values below are the six core values we work on at more than 200 locations:

What we are' - safe, innovative and sustainable
How we work' - responsible, customer-focused and together

Will you do your bit as well?

Our organisation has a committed working atmosphere where importance is attached to open communication, enthusiasm, humour, professionalism and commitment. Renewi is convinced that people make the difference and has also firmly anchored this conviction in the entire operational management.