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Renewi is first recycler to sign Talent to the Top charter

10 June 2021

Today, 10 June 2021, waste-to-product organisation Renewi became the first company in the recycling industry to sign the Talent to the Top charter. By doing so, the recycler commits to a relationship of more equality between men and women in the organisation and to significant, measurable diversity goals which will be monitored every year. Talent to the Top is a non-profit foundation with a social aim focused on more diverse talent at the top and sub-top of companies. More than two hundred organisations have now joined the foundation.

By signing the Charter, Renewi commits to a policy aimed at getting more women into its top levels. Renewi considers that a strong workforce is characterised by diversity, this contributes to a better work culture and ultimately to more innovation and better results. Renewi is therefore deliberately targeting diversity and equality of opportunity. At the moment, 20% of managerial positions at the top are filled by women.

“The Charter is important to Renewi because we still have relatively few women working in our company compared to other businesses,” says Renewi’s CEO Otto de Bont. “More diversity is needed and is a guarantee of better decision making. We as Renewi want to set the industry the right example and to increase the number of women in the organisation in the coming 5 years, including at the management level, with the goal of reaching more than 25% in total”.

Renewi strives to create a diverse and inclusive work environment where staff can be themselves at all times. A culture in which everyone fees respected, equal and a part of the organisation; regardless of race, skin colour, age, gender, sexual preference, disability, nationality or other status. Looking towards the future, a lot still has to happen within Renewi to reach the Charter’s goal, for precisely this reason now is the right moment for Renewi to sign the document.

“At Renewi, we are aiming for a culture in which we realise and accept that everyone may be different and think differently. We believe that this will make our organisation stronger,” adds Helen Richardson, Renewi’s CHRO. “Within this culture, a mix of men and women introduces a different dynamic into the workplace. You notice that conversations are held differently and decision making is different, as a result of which a much broader view of the possibilities develops”.

About the Charter

The Charter came into being 10 years ago in close collaboration between VNO-NCW, FNV, the SER and representatives of business, the Ministry of Education, Culture and Science and the Ministry of Economic Affairs. Signatories to the Charter commit to hiring, retaining and promoting female talent to the top of their organisation. Renewi will report on progress annually to the independent Talent to the Top Monitoring Committee.