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COE Customer Engagement

In the Center of Excellence (CoE) Customer Engagement we combined the strength of project management and Process & IT consultancy to enable the business in achieving their goals by digitizing sales and service . The team collaborates intensively with their colleagues of Application Services Customer Engagement, part of Infrastructure & operations, who are responsible for maintaining the platforms in the domain. Both teams are part of the agile transformation and will grow towards DevOps teams. They aim for continuous improvement, automation and use of best practices.

The main platforms within the domain are the CRM Salesforce and our digital platforms, consisting of the Renewi websites, webshops and the recently launched self-service portal MyRenewi, together with a native app. MyRenewi will be the platform for all of our customers, giving them insights in their contracts, invoices and reports on the services and collected waste. Also, it will enabe them request services. Think of requests for emptying of containers, replacing a collection day or request for new business.

The CoE works closely with business stakeholders to define the roadmap for further digitization. We understand the business ambition and together with a network of trusted partners, we are able to advise them on the way forward.

Initiatives on the roadmap are the realization of a zero-touch sales flow from customer to the ERP. For that, we will reshape how we work and how Salesforce and the webshop is currently designed. Also, we need to build an interface between Salesforce and the ERP system to reduce the manually administrative effort. Finally we will implement omnichannel technology to interact with our customers digitally. Think of the use of chat, video meetings and voicebot technology. All conversations will be gathered in Salesforce to create a 360 customer view.

On the service side, we will deliver new features for MyRenewi, further enabling self-service by customers. Examples of new features are user management by customers, new reports, but also service communication, e.g. when a container will be emptied or a change of collection day due to a national holiday. Also here, omnichannel and customer 360 view will enable our organization to best serve our customers.