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Dear Future Innovators,

As IT Group Director of Renewi, I’ve witnessed the powerful impact technology can have on our planet’s most pressing environmental challenges. Every line of code we write, every system we design, and every data point we analyze brings us one step closer to a more sustainable world.

Ans Verlooy - Group IT Director   

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Transforming the World, Byte by Byte

Join Our IT Revolution in the Waste-to-Product Industry

At Renewi, we see waste not as an endpoint but as the beginning of a new, sustainable journey. Our mission is to innovate and redefine waste, transforming it into products that benefit our planet and future generations. This transformative journey is powered by our IT group, the digital architects behind our pioneering waste-to-product processes. We are more than just an IT team; we are eco-innovators, sustainability enhancers, and technology trailblazers.

Our IT organization

Renewi is transforming from a waste collection company to a company that supplies secondary materials. IT plays an important role in this. In the last year we have been changing and maturing our IT organization. 

"You have all the freedom to do the things you think need to be done. I have a very free role. I like to work operationally, but I want to have the possibility to think along with others."

Angèle van der Kruijs - Information Technology Services Manager

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Podcast with Nick Birjmohun, CISO at Renewi

Listen here to the podcast with our colleague Nick Birjmohun, CISO at Renewi, about how he ended up in his current role, his vision on IT Security, why the Business plays such an important role in this and how space travel inspires him to consciously gain new insights.

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Read our Sustainability Review

Renewi has published its Sustainability Review, which outlines the company’s progress towards its sustainability goals and reveals strong progress in ESG performance.

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"Together with the various teams, I try to ensure that this data becomes available for current applications, but also for ever new applications in which artificial intelligence will play a major role. An example is the automatic recognition of hazardous objects in the waste streams."

Jeroen Janssen - Enterprise Architect

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Preventing explosions with AI

There are huge safety risks that come with recycling and waste to product management. At Renewi, each gas container presents a potential danger to the plant and it’s workers. Robovision AI enables Renewi to prevent fire and explosions by combining computer vision and deep learning.

Working at Renewi

Together we want to ensure that we reuse more and more waste and use it as a renewable raw material.
We are looking for people who want to contribute to a world without waste.


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