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Angèle van der Kruijs - Information Technology Services Manager

Angèle joined Renewi April 2020 as an Information Technology Services Manager. She brought a wealth of experience with her from her career in IT. As Services Manager at Renewi, Angèle is responsible for different aspects in the field of IT and is involved in various projects. ''I have a lot of experience and my responsibilities include Service Transition Management. I guard projects and ensure that we can develop, manage and bring them to a certain level. For example, if a customer cannot log in or sees an incorrect invoice, this must be resolved. This is really about looking at the support processes, which is one of the most important things I currently do.''

''There is a digital transformation within the organisation. Renewi wants to move towards the DevOps model. I can keep colleagues on the right track with this. Steps are now being taken in projects like CI/CD and regression testing.''

Circular Economy

According to Angèle, Renewi is not necessarily an organisation that you would immediately think of when you think of IT. It has everything to do with network. They were looking for a Services Manager, someone who wanted to take certain IT matters within Renewi to a next level. Eventually, I gained more insight into Renewi and the circular economy. It really is a company where you want to work in these times, this is the best business you can ever have.''

Appreciation & freedom

Angèle is regularly involved in projects and is also encouraged to give input. ''They really use my feedback. The work I do and the appreciation I get for it, that's why I enjoy working at Renewi. People appreciate what you bring to the table. There are team managers who have a higher hierarchical position than I do, but who still like to exchange ideas with me.’’

''Moreover, you have all the freedom to do the things you think need to be done. I have a very free role. I like to work operationally, but I want to have the possibility to think along with others. I also consider that as a part of freedom, being able to influence without having a formal role. In my role, I can decide for myself what I want and which direction I want to go.’’


Angèle indicates that she has a rather businesslike personality but finds herself at home in the culture that exists within Renewi. ‘’There is an open culture within Renewi. It is a warm organisation. If you are going through a difficult time, you are told: "Leave the work for now and just go for a walk, take a rest.’’ These are expressions that I am not used to hearing from previous employers. That human aspect is important to me.’’