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Jeroen Janssen - Enterprise Architect

Jeroen works within Renewi as an Enterprise Architect. In his role, he focuses on translating the business objectives to IT, and defining and steering the necessary changes to achieve this. He maintains an overview of the architecture of the various Centre of Excellence and ensures that projects also contribute to the longer term. ‘’I am currently working on an update of the IT strategy together with representatives from the business and IT. 'Enterprise' means that you look at the interests of the entire organization. You try to connect things and make them fit together in order to realize the strategy.’’

Renewi is in the middle of a digital transformation. Jeroen also contributes to this. ‘’Digital transformation is explicitly mentioned in the Renewi business strategy. This is reflected in things like more self-service options for our customers, the digitization of internal processes and the increased use of data. Data is going to be very important in the future of Renewi. For example, for insight and advice to our customers regarding waste and produced materials, but also for optimization of our own processes. Together with the various teams, I try to ensure that this data becomes available for current applications, but also for ever new applications in which artificial intelligence will play a major role. An example is the automatic recognition of hazardous objects in the waste streams, which we have already started."


Jeroen joined Renewi in February. He previously worked in IT at various large organizations. ‘’I wanted to work for an organization with social relevance, and I was also looking for a company that still has many challenges ahead of it. Not a bed of convenience. Within IT at Renewi, there is still a lot of room to shape things. I can also take the lead in my own position. Furthermore, it is an IT environment that is large enough with sufficient complexity to make the work interesting and challenging.’’

Flexibility & Culture

‘’What I like about Renewi is the flexibility and freedom to arrange my own work. The focus is not on the hours you work but on the results you achieve. What I also find very important are the people around you. I came in during the Corona period and my first interviews were remote, but I soon got a good feeling about my future colleagues and the culture within the company. Everyone is very willing to go the extra mile, has a passion for their work and an interest in the people around them.’’