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COE Data & Insights

A few years ago, Big Data was still a new kid on the block. Nowadays, it is common practice and you have to learn to deal with it. Together with various departments from the business, we are looking at how we can achieve Renewi's objectives. How can we provide insights so that we can recycle materials even better? How we can improve the processes.

We work together with external parties, so we have to make sure that we can share the data with them. And also with the entire recycling cycle where we work together with a number of parties. We can also learn from each other in order to achieve our goal of waste no more.

Through good insights, we can make that process better and better. The Data & Insights team is centrally positioned in the organisation. Every day we have to deal with different parts of Renewi. We really think along with the business. How can we provide them with the right data and the right insights.

Artificial Intelligence
We are also working on Artificial Intelligence to gain insights. For example, using image recognition to recognise our waste. Algorithms scan incoming waste and determine what type it is. This enables us to separate and recycle more efficiently.

We want to use image recognition in more places in the chain. The consequence is that we need a good data infrastructure for this.

You have to feel at home at the intersection of Business and IT
When it comes to new colleagues, we are looking for people who feel at home in the world of circular economy. People who are really looking for a company where processes take place in the physical world and who want to support the data perspective. And who then bring the right skills to the table: how can we make our data understandable? How can we query data properly, how can we make data accessible? We are making a step towards the cloud. For example, a Cloud Engineer can help get this data into the cloud.

What kind of people are we looking for?
We are looking for people who can analyse the quality of data. Who can then indicate to the business: this is good quality data and we still need to improve on this data. You must be able to think in terms of processes in order to achieve improvements. You must feel at home on the cutting edge of Business and IT. Where there is also room for the harder site of IT. So you have to be able to really unlock and analyse the data. You have to feel comfortable with that and be able to translate that into concrete insights. Building a data dashboard, for example.