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COE Group and Finance

Within the COE Group and Finance we serve all our corporate organizational units. Think of Finance, Fiscal, Controlling, HR, Communications, Legal and SHEQ (Safety & Health). What is unique about what we do in this COE is that you touch the whole company. All the applications we use and need to communicate with each other go through automation and integration platforms that we offer.

Within Renewi we work with different applications. A number of these applications have to exchange data with each other. Then you want this to connect with each other in a structured way. You do not want application A and application B to talk directly to each other, but through an integration Bus. Application A talks to this Bus, you pick up that data and possibly transform it and transfer it to application B. Suppose we have a very nice HR system. And a home working arrangement must be realized in that system. Normally, something like this is in an HR tool. But that is not the case now, then you want to make something that works together seamlessly. We do not want to build a complete piece of custom work, but offer something so that in this case an HR colleague with technical knowledge can click together a tool. For example, you click on the working day and indicate whether you work at home or at the office.

We are now going to offer such a low-code platform from my team(Tim Piepers, director COE Group and Finance) and open it up to various business functions so that they can use it.
The integration platform is there to let applications talk to each other. The automation platform is there to allow the business to develop in a structured way. Nowadays, there are a lot of people who really understand how to make an app or click together a small tool. We allow this, but in an environment that is made for it.

On the Finance & Procurement platform, we especially want to establish a stable basis so that we can grow into the future and realize a transformation to a new finance backbone. The same applies to HR. We want to support the HR transformation by establishing a new HR system. And on the other hand, from a technical point of view, we want to make sure you have a good way of making applications talk to each other. To have application functionalities developed in a structured manner with a high degree of flexibility where necessary. Or where you have a lot of manual work to be able to robotize this. So that you can work as efficiently as possible. If we have a good HR backbone, it is easier for everyone to know who you are working with, to bring in new talent, to manage well. And if we can more easily manage our financial affairs, handle invoices and take care of purchasing, we can work more efficiently and do more in the same time.

To make all this possible, we will grow from 15 colleagues to a team with about 20-25 colleagues in the next two years. For example, we are looking for a Platform Lead for the integration and the automation part and a number of Process & IT Consultants.