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COE Infrastructure & Operations

At Renewi, our vision is to offer state of the art yet seamless infrastructure using which our business can innovate from. We believe innovations in IT enables and paves way for our mission to increase recycling rate to 75%.

A couple of examples

  1. A pilot program is initiated which is aimed at tagging our waste containers, the information of which will land at Commercial Waste Netherlands via a chip. This data is then utilized to form business models.
  2. We not only want to diversify the mode of customer communications by introducing omni-channel whilst moving away from conventional contact methods but also want to introduce centralized data management

COE Infrastructure & Operations is at the heart of such innovations.

Keeping this in mind, we already are in the process of consolidating and centralizing our sites and units across numerous Renewi locations. ATM Moerdijk, CFS Weert are ongoing examples. UK Municipal will soon be added to the list and thus Renewi as a company will holistically benefit from such value added initiatives.

What you have read above says the "What" and what you'd read below says the "How"

Below is our mantra which helps us get where we want

  1. Reduce complexity: Simplify infrastructure processes to improve user satisfaction
  2. Leverage scale: Unification of Workplaces, Network and Active Directories
  3. Improve quality: Improve user productivity by introducing innovation. Improve the quality of services provided by clear ownership and accountability.

These mantras will be meticulously translated into DevOps way of working. This would mean we roll out our innovations into production as ideas are pipelined, helping the business reap the benefits early on while we on-boarding them to technological advancement. This would also mean that our existing teams would merge and evolve to help us deliver the value quicker

Who do we need?
We are looking for people who want to be part of this transformation journey with us. People who have the right attitude and who are agile, willing to learn and grow with us.