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Babs Smeets - Global Data Steward

Babs started in August as a Global Data Steward at Renewi. ‘’Together with her colleagues Babs focuses on optimising Data. Data is key and impacts the entire process, from customer acquisition to invoicing. Poor data can lead to problems, if a customer's address is not correctly entered in the system, the driver might drive to a wrong location, the waste cannot be collected and no invoice can be sent. If data is not processed properly, mistakes can be made. Data quality is essential and drives customer satisfaction, both internally and externally.’’

Babs started in a new team within the IT department. ‘’I liked the fact that you start off together as a team. You're at the beginning of something new that you have to build together. Renewi is a complex matrix organisation. I have to deal with different divisions and locations, which makes it very interesting.’’

Circular Economy

Before she joined Renewi, Babs did not really know what Renewi stood for. ‘’I was very curious about Renewi’s purpose and waste solutions. I looked into them and realised that Renewi offers great initiatives. The way Renewi handles the different waste streams and the fact that waste is often given a second life is what made me enthusiastic. I find the social importance of Renewi's activities very attractive and it is a tangible business.’

Making a difference together

Freedom and working together are important values to Babs. She is given the freedom to plan her own schedule and is able to work from home whenever she wants. Furthermore, according to Babs there is plenty to do at Renewi with regard to IT.  ‘’There is plenty of room for personal development within the IT area and a great drive to make the business more data-aware. Renewi was born out of a merger between Van Gansewinkel and Shanks and you see that everything is coming together. Within IT we are putting our shoulders to the wheel to create something beautiful. We learn from each other's expertise, together we will make it happen.''