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Ian Verboven - Business Intelligence Architect

Ian is a Business Intelligence Architect at Renewi and supports the Data & Insights Enablement team. Together with his team, he is responsible for managing data and making it transparent and ready for use. Cleaning up the data and making it transparent in order to be able to forecast and respond to certain trends. "The intention is for Renewi to become a data-driven organisation. We focus on the data that is generated and we can use that to optimise the processes in the business.''

In addition, Ian has his own project to focus on. For example, he is currently working on a project for Maltha, a division within Renewi. Every year, Maltha processes more than one million tonnes of glass waste from companies, citizens and municipalities into high-quality new raw materials for new products. At Maltha, they had not yet developed anything in terms of reporting. They work with an operational system called Navision in which all data is registered and they process this manually in Excel. "I try to lighten their workload by ensuring that this process is optimized and that these reports are ready in a dashboard.''


The right balance between work and his private life is very important to Ian. With previous employers, Ian regularly spent hours commuting and stuck in traffic. This is one of the reasons why Ian chose Renewi. "I do not have a fixed workplace, my team is spread out all over Belgium and the Netherlands. So I was told that I could choose which office to work at; in Eindhoven or at the SSC in Lommel, or at home. This was a very big plus for me to start at Renewi. Besides, I can plan my day myself. The autonomy too, I don't have to report what I’m going to do every day."


According to Ian, Renewi is a transparent organisation. "My experience at other companies where I have worked is very different. At Renewi everyone is open and there is a very good atmosphere within Renewi. Nothing but positive, actually. There is enough challenge within IT, even when I started at Renewi. We are not a typical IT organisation but I think that IT is very broad within Renewi. We have several COEs. Moreover, there are many other parts where different projects are going on, so you can go in different directions."