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Thibaut Sevestre, Head of the Office of the CIO, about the Office of the CIO

The office of the CIO is responsible for everything cross IT on strategic level. You have typical cross IT things on infrastructure level. That means IT strategy and the link with business strategy, Enterprise architecture: what kind of big choices do we make? How do we design the IT landscape to fulfill the business needs? Portfolio Management and PMO: how do we relocate our budget to investments? Making sure that we have investments that make sense, that they are well sequenced and well-coordinated. And that they are executed by the right project manager.

From the moment our CIO Maarten Buikhuisen is on board, we are changing and maturing our IT organization. We put in place what you can call a classic design built run organization. And in that sense the Centre’s of Excellence. They are responsible for the built. And IT Infrastructure and Operations is responsible for the run, for operating the services.

We have 4 Centre of Excellence:

Customer Engagement: is all about market tot order. About marketing, sales, sales processes, our tool MyRenewi. All contact we have with the clients of Renewi.
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Waste Management
Waste Management is the next part of the process. Were Customer Engagement is market to order, Waste Management is more order to catch. How do I execute on the requests of the customers.  It’s about the collection systems, the operational systems that run our sites and plats. Also where we run the systems and create invoices for the customers. Systems like Clear and Providex. But also where we run the onboard computers from the trucks.
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Data Insights
Is about collecting data across all our processes and platforms. And transforming it in something useful. The most basic form of that is collecting our financial processing information.
That supports the backbone of management insight in the company. That is really the minimum scope. And then you have more detailed process insights that enable lean process assessment
in the company and continuous improvement. More business driven information about the
trucks, our assets, containers, plants, equipment’s on our plants, the content that we collect.

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Group and Finance
This COE is about supporting our corporate functions; HR, Finance, Safety Quality, Legal etc. There we run the systems that support these functions.
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